My name is Katie, and I love books.  Like, a lot.  A LOT, a lot.  My TBR pile is threatening to take over my apartment and I can’t go into a bookstore without supervision.  When I had a bad day as a kid, I would reorganize the books in my room to cheer myself up.  (My mom still has a hard time understanding that particular quirk of mine).    I read books in college as an English major, and now I have a career in book publishing.  But more on that later.

In 2017, I gave myself a reading project in response to the then-recent presidential elections: I was going to spend a whole year reading books by women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.  I wanted to celebrate people of all different backgrounds through the medium I love.  Books!  (In case you missed it, I love them).

I didn’t assign myself a project in 2018, but have been thinking more and more that I would like to dedicate 2019 to reading books only by female-identifying authors.  This year has been a roller-coaster for me as a woman.  From the continuation of the #MeToo movement to the Kavanaugh hearings to seeing so many women of different backgrounds be elected to government in the midterms, I have felt a lot of emotions regarding what it means to be a woman in this country.  I want to explore and push my boundaries about what exactly being female (and, also, being a white female) signifies today, and how women are using their voices to to discuss this and a myriad of other topics.  I am adding a new component to the project this year by writing about my experiences exploring books old and new, short and long, fiction and nonfiction.

Others have already this idea.  The Reading Women Podcast is fantastic, and the blog A year of reading women is a format I hope to emulate in my own voice.  Instead of being worried about copying, I am looking forward to contributing to this celebration of female writers.  There are so many out there, and more people need to read them!


Sooo….about my job.  I work in a behind-the-scenes role for a publishing house.  I won’t say which one for now.  I will say up front that I am not an editor, so I do not read and accept manuscripts.  I also will not be writing about any books that I am personally working on here.  They are all fantastic, but this is a fun project for me right now, rather than a professional promotional tool, so I’d like to keep them separate.


Thanks for stopping by.  Happy reading!


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